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A land of smiles with a capital that never sleeps and a savoury cuisine to die for – that is how most people come to know and love Thailand. With a growing population of 65 million and the Asean Economic Community, the country is also developing a more competitive environment and becoming a lively hub for global businesses operations. With our intimate understanding of this environment and Asian business in general, Kienbaum combines executive search services with HR management consulting capabilities in the region.
Since its opening in 2004, our Bangkok office has provided successful solutions for our clients in all sectors of industry. We are only satisfied with our services once the needs for change that we have identified are translated into commercial successes. We know the core concerns of our clients, and we speak their language. We are committed to a holistic vision of consulting that helps sharpen the competitive edge of our clients, increases the profitability of their businesses and, boosts the motivation of their people.

Our clients know and appreciate us as strong implementers of change processes and savvy providers of search services for new executives and specialists for our clients. Even in the rapidly changing business environment in Asia, we have been able to support our clients in the pursuit of their targets and ambitions in human resource management and executive searches.

Because we

  • are able to listen, understand and respond to the needs of our client
  • believe in a consistency approach, based on creative problem solving skills and high standards of execution
  • deliver the diversity of professions, culture and exposure

We offer

  • Executive Search
  • Management Audits
  • Reference Checks

for all functions and sectors of industry.

We have completed more than 1400 successful projects with our other regional offices in the Asia Pacific region.

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