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Why leadership quality is so important

360 Degree Feedback: Develop leaders. Improve leadership quality.

27.06.2016 - Human Resources Management

New technologies, increasing internationalization, and high competitive pressure are some of the manifold challenges companies are confronted with. Companies can only sustain competitiveness on the market if they constantly question themselves: Is our strategy fit for the future? Will our customers still be satisfied with us tomorrow? Do we have the right employees on board to achieve our corporate goals? Which of their competences are critical to success? What specific experiences and skills do we and our managers need to successfully meet the variety of challenges? More and more organizations are addressing specifically the question of leadership quality, for good reason. Good leadership is an important lever for economic success. Whether in the role of a manager and decision-maker who conducts the business or as a coach and driver for change who motivates and inspires employees – good leaders make the difference.

Companies need transparency on their leaders' competencies. Targeted development measures can only be derived if the strengths and areas for development of the leaders are known. This transparency is also of high importance for the managers themselves: “Self-reflection is the first step towards improvement.” Only those who know their own strengths and areas for development can work on them.

360 Degree Feedback as impulse for further development

This is where the 360 Degree Feedback comes in. The 360 Degree Feedback procedure assesses your leaders' competencies from different perspectives. Aside from the manager's self-assessment, superiors, colleagues, employees, customers and others provide feedback on the leadership and management competencies of an individual. With the variety of different perspectives applied, the 360 Degree Feedback delivers a differentiated evaluation of the competencies assessed. Open and honest feedback supported by a trustful anonymous feedback process is the fundamental prerequisite. The feedback of results from the 360 Degree Feedback gives the manager the opportunity to compare his or her own perception with the assessment of their leadership behavior by others. This does not only reveal individual strengths and areas for development but also the different expectations of different feedback providers such as superiors, colleagues, employees, and customers. This again triggers self-reflection and is the foundation for deriving personal development measures. The 360 Degree Feedback method starts a development process within your organization that includes all relevant persons and directly supports an active feedback culture.

Our approach: factors which determine excellence in leadership

Our conceptual approach distinguishes between two essential implementation options for a 360 Degree Feedback: the standardized and efficient version of our Kienbaum 360 Degree Feedback, and the conceptualization of a customized company specific 360 Degree Feedback. The following questions are the starting point for each of the two approaches: What factors determine excellence in leadership? With respect to what competencies do successful managers differ from less successful leaders? What exactly does a good leader need to handle the increasing demands and master the multitude of challenges?

Our Kienbaum Competency Model, developed by the Kienbaum Institute for Management Diagnostics (KIMD), delivers answers to these questions. The model integrates the relevant leadership and management competencies from practical experiences and on the basis of theoretical principles. This is where our diagnostic excellence meets our long-standing experience in the business world. This is the foundation for our Kienbaum 360 Degree Feedback. It offers a diagnostically valid execution of a 360 Degree Feedback that follows scientific criteria and is based on many years of practical experience.

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