People make companies succeed

Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to people

Kienbaum helps people to change themselves and their organization successfully. This also reflects our social commitment: We help people to make the best of themselves.

We support:

The talents of tomorrow

  • with the “Gerhard and Lore Kienbaum Foundation” which was founded in 1994 and aims to advance especially outstanding university graduates and postgraduates in economics and business sciences.
  • with the Kienbaum grant for exceptional theses submitted at the Cologne university of applied sciences TH Köln/Gummersbach Campus.
  • with our training programs for holders of scholarships of large foundations and institutions supporting gifted students.
  • with our support for the initiative “InCharge for the next generation”, which fights youth unemployment in Europe and promotes the integration of young people granted asylum into the German labor market (
  • with our support for KIRON: a virtual university that gives young refugees access to online courses, combined with classroom training and a mentoring program. The "Kiron emPower” program assists students with psychosocial advice or by arranging professional support where required. Kienbaum supports the innovative and social thinking behind KIRON ( and helps the idea come to fruition with the right people on board. We do so on three levels: Direct support with recruiting new members of staff, development of a sustainable recruiting process, and 1-to-1 mentoring for the participating refugees.
  • with our support for the Aktion Luftsprung ( and its work with “chronic talent": Helping young people with chronic illnesses realize and apply their unique strengths at school and at work.

Creative minds of today

  • with our contributions in the Stifterverband for the promotion of science in Germany (
  • with our promotion of artistic excellence in our special series of Kienbaum Artists‘ Books: Since 2007, we have been working closely with the publishers at Snoeck Verlag to present the works of selected artists in a unique “artworks disguised as books”. The carefully curated books are the direct result of our dialogues with the artists. Each is a distinct artistic voice, reaching a broader audience that is too often outside the reach of the artists. The books frequently become the theme and reason for stimulating events and conversations at our Kienbaum offices. By engaging with the artists and their works, our employees are confronted with topics that go beyond their everyday consulting routines, an experience and a joy that Kienbaum likes to share with special clients and partners. Past Artists’ Books have included illustrious names like Thomas Zitzwitz (Moleskine orangée, 2007), David Reed (Rock Paper Scissors, 2009), Bernard Frize (The Invisibility Cloak, Die Tarnkappe, 2010), Jorinde Voigt (Botanic Garden Code, 2011), Jürgen Partenheimer (Seeds & Tracks and Folded Spirits. South African Diary, 2013) Klaus Merkel (hornbook, 2014), and Ingrid Calame (Being Born, 2016).