People make companies succeed

Pioneers of consulting

Gerhard Kienbaum

Kienbaum is a family business

A bike and a revolutionary idea: Two surprising assets stand at the beginning of Kienbaum’s history on 15 October 1945. Having returned from captivity after the war, the graduate engineer Gerhard Kienbaum opens his “Office for Technical Advice, Translations, and Representation” in Gummersbach to help companies in the region recover from the effects of the war. The idea of management consulting is born. Gerhard Kienbaum travels the region on his bike, visiting clients and advising them on all matters of structural and procedural improvement.

Stellenanzeigen Kienbaum

Kienbaum knows the leaders of tomorrow

With its evolution into a group of companies dedicated to planning, consulting, and management services in all sectors of industry, in agriculture, transport, and integrated regional development, Kienbaum rises to the top of the German market within the space of ten years. Kienbaum’s consultants are increasingly approached by clients looking for suitable candidates for vacant positions. These informal contacts develop into a new executive recruitment business for Kienbaum and lead to the establishment of Kienbaum’s executive search operations in 1978. The idea of integrated consulting is born. Its dedication to the people factor in business remains the distinguishing feature of Kienbaum’s work.

Kienbaumbroschüre Frankreich

Kienbaum is international

In 1957, Kienbaum und Partner operates offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt/Main, and Düsseldorf with a team of 90 members of staff. The firm begins its international success story with the opening of the first Kienbaum office in Vienna. Cooperation partnerships expand Kienbaum’s reach into many other countries in Western Europe, with contacts from Scandinavia to Italy, Greece, and Spain. In 1971, Kienbaum Consultores Ltda becomes the first overseas venture and brings Kienbaum to Brazil. Today’s Kienbaum serves clients from more than 30 offices in 18 countries around the world.

Jochen Kienbaum 2012 014

Kienbaum moves people

Jochen Kienbaum, son of Gerhard Kienbaum, takes over the management of the Berlin office in 1977. Kienbaum Berlin GmbH is founded in December of the same year. Eight years later, Gerhard Kienbaum hands over the management of Kienbaum und Partner to his son and chosen successor. The first HR development concepts are introduced, and consulting services focusing on the people factor are increasingly becoming a mainstay of the business. In 1998, Jochen Kienbaum is appointed President of the BDU.

Kienbaum Köln Gb

Kienbaum is a consulting trendsetter

In 2000, Kienbaum is ranked at the top spot of the BDU ranking of the leading German HR consulting firms. The Japanese Corporate Business takes up its operations, leading to the establishment of Kienbaum’s first Japanese office in 2007. Kienbaum remains committed to its international growth strategy and opens new offices Atlanta and Istanbul in 2013. In 2016, Kienbaum is again named as “Best Consultants” of the year in the industry report by brand eins Wissen and Statista, topping the ranking in the leadership, organization, and HR consulting categories. Kienbaum’s operating companies are reunited under the Kienbaum Consultants International brand to offer its clients even greater added value and consulting expertise along the entire value chain. In December, the head offices are relocated from Gummersbach to Kienbaum’s new home in Cologne.