People make companies succeed

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Kienbaum. Inspiring. Different.

People make companies succeed. That is why Kienbaum puts people first in all of its consulting services. We support private enterprises and public institutions striving to develop and evolve with their people. Our strength: Enterprising and innovative solutions that move people in organizations.

Finding, inspiring, developing, assessing, and appreciating people – that is our passion. We prepare organizations for a promising future, introduce changes and communicate them with the interests of our clients and their people at heart. Our mission is to promote competences, drive implementation, and accelerate change. As leading HR and management consultants, we put the individual needs of our clients first: This includes change processes as much as recruitment, compensation, or HR development. Therefore we provide unique solutions to our clients– made by people with people in mind.

Kienbaum Consultants International (KCI) ist the operational holding company of the Kienbaum Group. The Managing Directors of the KCI are Fabian Kienbaum, Henning Böhne, Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann, Jochen Kienbaum, Hans Ochmann, Falk Runge and Dr. Hilmar Schmidt.