People make companies succeed

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Leadership: Our people – Our main asset

  • Added value: We see the development of employees as an investment in the future of our clients – and thus as the foundation for our success.
  • Can-do attitude: We promote independent work and the development of realistic and pragmatic solutions.
  • Integrity: We trust our people in every respect and show them our appreciation.
  • Commitment: We are absolutely reliable – our employees can depend on that.
  • Diversity: We understand different personalities, ideas, and opinions as sources of strength.

Cooperation: Compete and succeed – together

  • Added value: We are one team and bundle all of our competences for the good of our clients.
  • Can-do attitude: We are always pursuing the best solution – irrespective of unit or hierarchy.
  • Integrity: We stand for honest, open, and fair cooperation.
  • Commitment: We keep our promises – We stand by our word.
  • Diversity: We promote the exchange of ideas, opinions and best practices across departmental boundaries.

Clients: Clients first

  • Added value: We produce sustainable and measurable successes with high quality.
  • Can-do attitude: We see the applicability of our concepts as the principle of our work.
  • Integrity: We believe in trust and partnership as the foundation for good customer relations.
  • Commitment: We make statements that can be relied upon and create a transparent consulting process.
  • Diversity: We combine different consultancy personalities, competences, and experience to produce bespoke solutions.
  • Society: We live and act according to our values 


We are aware of our social responsibility, believe in sustainable commitment, and consider diversity an opportunity for our society. Learn more about our social commitment here.

Diversity is key!

As a holistic consultancy provider, Kienbaum offers comprehensive services for all clients. In order to produce these bespoke packages, we need innovative concepts and ideas. We know that these can only develop when we combine the many different perspectives and the wealth of ideas of our people.

Engineers, economists and natural science or humanities graduates: They all contribute their expertise as full members of our team, dedicated to finding the best consultancy solutions for our clients. We work with people from all disciplines and walks of life, of all ages, genders, and national or ethnic origins in an atmosphere of openness. Honesty and respect are the foundations that encourage our people to share their knowledge and work on their common goals. Flat hierarchies, a comprehensive mentoring program for our young employees, and the individual development opportunities offered by the Kienbaum Academy are just some of the many ways we use to foster the diversity of the Kienbaum family.

We are committed to promoting awareness for the importance of diversity in business and in society at large. That is why Kienbaum signed the Charter of Diversity already in 2008. The Charter is an initiative that encourages German companies to commit publicly to diversity. Its mission is to promote appreciation and support for diversity in Germany’s business culture.