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Female Desk

Women in leadership: For Kienbaum, this represents an essential topic and consulting challenge. Legal quotas, but also demographic trends and the increasing competition for qualified specialists and executives demand a new response from our clients in the private economy and the public sector. Our response is the Kienbaum Female Desk: an interdisciplinary team that brings together the combined forces of experienced HR consultants, human capital services specialists, and management and communication consultants with top-flight expertise in the recruitment, development, and retention of leading female executives for private enterprises and public sector organizations.

Kienbaum assists companies with dedicated consulting services for the definition and implementation of the required changes. With our extensive network of contacts, supported by our specialized databases, we can reach highly qualified female candidates for top positions. As experts for human capital services, we have years of expertise and established instruments for the identification and strategic development of executive leaders. We also support our clients with the cultural change that is both the starting point and end results for real diversity in their executive teams.