People make companies succeed

Nomination and Appointment

Nomination and Appointment Supervisory Positions

Finding and nominating suitable candidates for supervisory positions requires a keen instinct and real professionalism. We support you with succession planning with due consideration for diversity and define requirements profiles to match your company’s specific supervisory practices and conditions. Our consultants can produce custom analyses and benchmarking reports to help you reflect your supervisory board’s work with appropriate compensation.

Establishing Advisory Boards

Owners of medium-sized family businesses have a broad scope for establishing their advisory boards. However, the structure and staffing of the board must be tailor-made for the entrepreneurial challenges and the individual shareholder and family structures. The advisory board can only contribute to the long-term success of the company with the best possible framework and occupation.

We support you with our consultants, who have been experienced in family business for many years, in setting up your advisory board as well as in the search for the perfect new members of your advisory board.