People make companies succeed

Organizational Design

The structural and procedural organizations of companies represent their fundamental architectures. They determine the management systems and the cost structures. But the half-life of such architectures is shrinking as organizations are expected to become more agile, work in dynamic project landscapes, or reconcile the parallel worlds of established and innovative business models in an increasingly connected business. The rule that phases of growth and innovation will follow after phases of consolidation or cost reductions does not hold anymore. Modern business management needs innovative strategy development as well as strategic and agile organizational development for the new types of business and the world of work 4.0. This is done best with a pragmatic balance of effectiveness and efficiency, of top-down directives and inclusive development, and of conceptual and technological process design.

We support companies in the forward-looking design of their organizations, with new management and controlling systems, with dedicated organizational roles for the holding / board, business areas, strategic and support functions, and with agile and ambidextrous organizations.

We believe that organizations are a means to an end: They are there to express a company’s current and future success factors and provide an attractive, digitally informed workplace for the most valuable resource: People. This paves the way for highly innovative, entrepreneurial, and customer-oriented business units, while putting in place the required accountability and oversight frameworks for shareholders, employees, and labor representatives. We understand the sensitive nature of organizational changes and use established tools change management for their successful implementation. This includes communication strategies, neutral benchmarking, participation, training and coaching, accurate selection for key positions, specific prospects for talented personnel, attractive change visions, and performance Management.