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We are proud to offer far more than traditional outplacement. Our network of career advisors, marketing specialists, and research and compensation experts can offer you help and advice with your strategic career plans. We are here for you, also if you are interested in creating or taking over a business of your own. When developments at a company affect its workforce plans, we will not only support the people affected by these decisions, but also the company itself. We can provide interdisciplinary teams of restructuring and NewPlacement experts to develop focused custom solutions for your restructuring or integration projects.

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Study: Termination Management 4.0

Topics, Trends and Best Practice

Termination management is one of the toughest tasks facing business leaders and executives and it remanis a taboo subject. Terminations are an integral feature and indeed a necessity in any living organisation. But there are misgivings and a reluctance to handle them constructively - and this applies both sides. This is why it was espacially important to us to take a look behind the scenes and find out whether there is a discrepacy between the desired and actual state of affairs and if so, how big the gap is between the two.

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