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JobTender24: Kienbaum’s next strategic investment

Kienbaum backs innovative platform for tendering job search commissions

Cologne, 1 February 2017 The people and management consultancy Kienbaum is expanding its portfolio of strategic start-up investments. With its subsidiary Highland Pine Investment, Kienbaum has decided to focus its first shared investment with the investment company Abacus alpha on the leading job tendering tool for companies and headhunters,

Founded by the internet pioneers Tonio Riederer von Paar and Fabiano Maturi , the online platform is dedicated to digitalizing the processes between companies and HR consultancies. It makes filling vacancies much easier, more transparent, and faster by posting search commissions effectively in its consultant network. Even with its new investors on board, JobTender24 will remain fully autonomous in its operations.

JobTender24 is Germany’s leading tendering portal for search commissions between business and headhunters. The users of the portal already include numerous high-profile enterprises, SMEs, and up-and-coming businesses that need fresh human resources to sustain their growth. JobTender24 already has a network of 6000 consultants in more than twenty countries.

Fabian Kienbaum, Chief Operating Officer at Kienbaum with responsibility for the investment business, explains: “JobTender24 is an interesting choice for us, because it means experienced start-up entrepreneurs committing to creating new transparency, accelerating processes, and saving costs by digitalizing the partnership between companies and headhunters and adding novel products. We believe this offers genuine added value that we want to get behind.”

“We are convinced by the business model and the founders behind JobTender. We can see the JobTender24 portal developing into the internationally leading digital matchmaker between businesses, headhunters, and candidates, and we will accompany that evolution” Steffen Huth, Investment Manager at Abacus alpha, comments.

Tonio Riederer von Paar, co-founder and CEO of JobTender24, has reason to celebrate: “We are excited about Germany’s leading HR consultants and a high-profile investment firm backing JobTender24. This gives us a great opportunity to expand our portal even faster, while still maintaining our independence.”

The HR consulting market is estimated at around two billion Euros in Germany, and ten billion US-Dollar worldwide. According to a BDU study of 2014/2015, Germany’s approx. 2000 HR consulting firms employ 11900 professionals in the field. 53500 vacant positions were filled as a result of their services.

The profitable online tendering platform represents the fifth major investment by Kienbaum, joining the growing investment portfolio of the Cologne-based consultancy firm alongside other young enterprises 4Scotty, EditionF, Firstbird, and the joint venture Unternehmerschmiede, a specialist for identifying and developing digital talent in business. The common thread of all these investments is their close relationship with the people and organization consulting business of Kienbaum.

JobTender24 was founded by the investors and long-standing business partners Tonio Riederer von Paar and Fabiano Maturi and has established itself as a leading tendering tool for search commissions between companies and HR consultants. The vision of its founders is to digitalize the processes between clients and headhunters, to set new standards, and to introduce novel, disruptive business models in the search market, which is estimated at two billion Euros in Germany alone.

How JobTender24 works: Companies can publish their search commissions to up to 6000 headhunters with a few simple clicks. The headhunters use the portal to present candidates and receive their commission fees if one of their candidates is selected by the clients. The JobTender24 system enables companies to contact, manage, and monitor the services and candidates presented by their headhunters. The portal is used by many high-profile brands, small to medium-sized enterprises, and fast-growing businesses looking for new personnel to support their growth. JobTender24 has a network of 6000 HR consultants in more than twenty countries and offers access to millions of undiscovered top talents across Europe.

Abacus alpha GmbH
Abacus alpha GmbH, Frankenthal (Pfalz), is an investment company centred around a tradition-steeped, multinational listed company. Abacus alpha concentrates its investments primarily on clean-tech business operating in the area of energy, water, waste water, and materials. One particular focus lies in minority and majority investments in growth technologies and technology-driven services. Abacus alpha considers itself a long-term investor dedicated to a buy-and-hold / buy-and-build strategy.

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