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Consumer & Retail

People make the difference in saturated markets.

Increasing customer demands and price pressure, changing consumer behavior and digital transformation are fundamentally changing consumer markets. International and global brand management presents new challenges for marketing. Innovation remains the most important driver, sales is turning into strategic business development, sustainability and social responsibility set clear boundaries.

To successfully master the ever faster market dynamics of the consumer goods industry, you need the right top talents as well as managers who possess many years of leadership experience as well as comprehensive and in-depth skills.
We combine personnel consulting with professional HR, organizational and change know-how and will advise you on complex change processes when it comes to the success factor people. The core team of our Consumer Industries Practice Group consists of more than 20 motivated and experienced partners and senior consultants.

Our team offers many years of experience in executive search in the consumer goods and retail environment. Many of our consultants have previously in their careers held key positions with the world's leading consumer goods companies Therefore, we understand the challenges you are facing and know which leadership characteristics and skills are needed for the sustainable success of your company in rapidly changing markets.

These are only a few topics on which we currently advise our clients:

  • War for talent: The competition for the best minds continues to intensify both internally and externally. Rapidly growing digital networks only reinforce this trend.
  • Digital leadership: The demand for digitally literate executives grows rapidly and presents companies with challenges with regard to their integration. Furthermore, digital leadership calls for a new form of staff leadership, which has to be internalized and lived throughout the company.
  • Culturally fit: Corporate culture as performance accelerator, but also as a potential stumbling block for top talents.
  • Cross-functional careers: Interdisciplinary careers as future prerequisite for top executives and managing directors.
  • International careers: Internationality as a challenge in a geographically less flexible candidate market.

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