People make companies succeed

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Health Care

Healthy management – with people at the center

E-health, Dr. Google and innovation in medical technology revolutionize the health industry. These factors add to the change drivers but also the force of inertia caused by competitive and cost pressure, more and more stringent transparent quality standards, medical progress, reforms and the allocation of financial and human resources.

Health has become a social hot topic – and digitalization creates new opportunities and possibilities for the industry to meet the patients', but also the service providers' high demands. A fundamentally analogue industry (uno-actu-principle), which has people and the restoration and preservation of health at its core, is changing due to digitalization. This can only work in the patients' benefit, if qualified specialists and managers in hospitals and health insurance companies make the right decisions for the future and create an organization, which operates healthily and humanely.

Old, rigid structures are broken open to make room for new flexible solutions, which will for example ensure the future of hospitals. Companies have to actively develop innovative and viable business models, leadership structures and types of care early on. Virtual doctor's visits, digitized medicine and the fusion of science and technology will then be the new normal. In addition, participants of the health care industry will not be able to avoid improved processes, which will help to overcome inefficiencies in order to ensure viable success.

The introduction of digital technology in health care has also led to raised expectations. The patients of the future want intelligent patient files, cross-linking between their inpatient and outpatient treatment, higher level of flexibility and transparency with regard to processes. The changes are also omnipresent and massive among service providers, cost bearers and medical technology manufacturers. Progressing demographic change, increasing technologization, regulatory requirements with regard to added value and the considerable shortage of specialists in the medical and partly also in the nursing sector require a strategic personnel management.

Apart from economic factors and a successful strategy for the future, it is the staff who make a decisive contribution to a company’s success, if they are given the opportunity to develop their potential and participate in the business. This combination of corporate and staff management is what defines Kienbaum's sustainable formula for success. The Practice Group Health Care offers integrated management and personnel consultancy skills for the health industry and implementation-oriented problem solving skills for all areas of strategic corporate management.
Our health care team consists of consultants with many years of experience in strategy, restructuring, reorganization, change management and recruiting and combines that with the know-how of specialized consultants from different sector of the health industry (clinics, health insurers, medtech, pharmaceuticals). The combination of our industry expertise and in-depth functional knowledge in organizational and change consulting, human capital services and executive search is the key to solving complex challenges.