People make companies succeed

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A wide variety of service companies offer innovative services to promote the success of companies in other sectors. Private individuals are also benefit significantly from the services of service providers. The sector is one of the most dynamic growth areas in Europe and at the same time a sensitive indicator of fluctuations in the global economy. This challenge must be mastered.

Globalization poses huge challenges for the service sector. Increasing economic networking requires intelligent and flexible structures. For companies, this means that they have to develop innovative solutions and new business models for tomorrow's trends today. The demands on the managers of service companies, who must have agile and broad-based management competence, are thus growing. Increasingly managers from outside the industry are in demand, who can use external process and management know-how and a high level of digital competence to drive the necessary change processes in service companies. 

We support companies in the following areas:

  • transport, traffic and logistics
  • professional services 
  • hospitality and gastronomy industry 

in the recruitment of executives at different levels. For all services, we consult our clients with a team of experienced consultants and researchers who work closely together.