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Technology, Digital & Media

Master rapid change with the right personnel decisions

Technology is the main driver of digitalization and digital change. Technology-based industries such as IT, telecommunication and media have long been severely affected and have to react quickly and adequately to the changes through the use of new technologies such as data analytics, mobile and cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality as well as the platform economy. Growth impulses are generated by new business models and digital ecosystems for the cross-linking with neighboring industries in the form of connected living, smart energy, convenient health, mobile banking e-mobility or cloud computing. A wide range of available multimedia content and social media characterize the broad entertainment world of today.

Several studies show that this significantly changes the demands placed on specialists and managers in terms of their skills and competences, working methods and leadership. New roles such as that of  Chief Digital Officer (CDO) are increasingly establishing themselves in the market. This offers opportunities for personnel management. Especially the digital literacy of specialists and managers as well as the controllability of ambidextrous and complex structures are becoming more important. 

In the Practice Group Technology, Digital & Media we focus our personnel and digital expertise in order to find suitable specialists and managers for companies in this industry. But, the 20 members of this practice group also possess the expertise and network to quickly and competently fill technology-based positions such as that of CIO or CDO for clients from other industries, both in Germany and internationally. We offer our clients a consulting approach that focuses on people and the organization - a unique combination that addresses all aspects of personnel management with digital and cultural expertise.