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Etsuji Suzuki

Etsuji Suzuki

T: +81 45 548 55 08

Automotive, Industry, Financial Services & Real Estate

Etsuji Suzuki is Representative Director/President of Kienbaum Japan / K.J. Consultants K.K.

After completing his studies at Keio University in Tokyo in 1979 he worked for four years in national sales for the TDK Corporation, which subsequently took him to Duesseldorf, Germany. He managed the area of retail marketing in Germany until 1989 when he was appointed Managing Director of TDK Sweden.
Thereafter, as Managing Director of TDK Electronics Europe, he was responsible for the company’s sales in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

After relocating to Kienbaum Executive Consultants in 2001 and
establishing the Japanese Corporate Business Group, he became a partner in the company. In 2006 Kienbaum Japan was established where he is the incumbent Representative Director/President.

On the basis of his extensive Management experience in a Japanese organization with many locations throughout Europe, he contributes excellent specialist management consulting skills to the company. He also lectures widely on management issues in Europe and Japan.


キーンバウム・ジャパン K.J.コンサルタンツ株式会社代表取締役社長。
1979 年慶応大学卒業後TDK 株式会社に入社。4 年間の国内営業を経験の後、ドイツ・デュッセルドルフに赴任。89 年まで主にドイツ市販マーケティングを担当後、TDK Sweden 社長に就任。95 年よりTDK Electronics Europe 社長としてドイツ、スイス、オーストリアの販売を統括。2001 年、Kienbaum Executive Consultants に転じ、日系企業グループの設立に携わる。2003 年から2014 年まで同社パートナー。この間、2006 年にKienbaum Japan を設立、社長就任。長年の海外日系企業でのマネジメント経験を活かして人事、マネジメントのコンサルタント業務に携わる。欧州と日本でセミナー・講演実績多数。