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Susanne Gietz

Susanne Gietz

T: +49 211 96 59-316

Public & Non-Profit

Mrs Gietz is a Senior Expert at Kienbaum and has more than 18 years’ work experience within numerous projects for the public sector.

In her advisory activities Mrs Gietz consulted and led projects for city communities, employers' liability insurance bodies, ecclesiastical/church administration, in staff management and operational matters.

On a state and federal level Mrs Gietz has executed projects to implement control systems.
Her main experience focuses on the areas of personnel/staff requirements, budget consolidation, implementation of management and control tools, as well as in the optimization of business processes.

Mrs Gietz has passed the 67th Comparative examination "Human Resources" and 181. Comparative examination "personnel management" for the Hessian Court.
Mrs Gietz is also involved in the audit assignments of the Municipality Testing Institute of North Rhein Westfaltia, within the framework of the “Strengthening pact” for example the budgetary consolidation of the city of Altena.

For the Protestant churches of Westphalia, in the state of Rheinland and in the state of Pfalz, Mrs Gietz has developed staff requirement evaluation systems and is actively consulting within projects of several church communities.