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Managing transformation


Change Management: Take Charge of Change and Succeed with Transformations

The situation seems similar whichever industry we are looking at: New technologies are invented seemingly every day. The cycles of innovation are spinning faster and faster. Increasingly globalized markets are developing a dynamic complexity and powering changes that seem to threaten old social and political certainties. Disruptive scenarios and the unstoppable rise of digitalization can undermine long-cherished business models over night. All of these developments seem to run counter to that all-too-human need for stability, balance, and order.

The key challenge is: How can companies develop the capabilities and the structures they need to reinforce their market position and ensure lasting success with all these changes happening in and around them? On top of the most obvious goal to sustain and help the healthy development of your business, the people that make up your organization need to be given effective support to master the challenges that change will bring for them.

A new type of order and stability, combined with agility, can be achieved by finding the right balance between the three levels of all change and transformation scenarios:

  1. Strategy
  2. Organization & Processes
  3. Culture

Successful change concepts cover all three areas while never forgetting the question of practical feasibility in your business and your markets.

We know that it is people who make companies successful. This is why all key personnel need to be systematically integrated in the implementation of your strategies. Our approach reveals, considers, and overcomes the obstacles and roadblocks along the way. Our holistic change concept does not just help your people understand the intended changes on a rational level. It enables them to commit to them and integrate them as part of their everyday work, with determination and real conviction.

By working with you, we

  1. Promote agile and effective change management, consistently in line with how you want your business model to evolve,
  2. Ensure that your key personnel are empowered to accept their responsibility and take effective action in the process,
  3. promote the healthy development of your business with our agile and fully aligned approach to Change.

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The Kienbaum Accelerator is an innovative method for managing businesses: Clear focussing of the strategic agenda, agile structures for work, promoting commitment for change in the management - this is how companies can put their new opportunities to use, quickly and effectively.

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