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Kienbaum is known and respected as one of the premier providers of HR development services. Over the last three decades, we have conducted more than 10,000 development activities for 80,000 executives and employees, from specialist professionals to high-profile CEOs. Our ambition is to empower the employees of our clients to master internal and market-driven changes sustainably and to improve performance measurably and win new competitive advantages of their organizations. Kienbaum is a specialist for the design and implementation of sophisticated development programmes for leadership or other disciplines. For us, successful HR development means new behaviours being used in the workplace and strategically oriented leadership having a visible effect. When commercial developments affect the make-up of our clients’ workforces, our NewPlacement consultants are there to support the people affect with planning their careers strategically. We will refocus their profile, position them professionally, and make them noticed in the market.

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Study: Termination Management 4.0

Topics, Trends and Best Practice

Termination management is one of the toughest tasks facing business leaders and executives and it remanis a taboo subject. Terminations are an integral feature and indeed a necessity in any living organisation. But there are misgivings and a reluctance to handle them constructively - and this applies both sides. This is why it was espacially important to us to take a look behind the scenes and find out whether there is a discrepacy between the desired and actual state of affairs and if so, how big the gap is between the two.

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