People make companies succeed

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Developing Organizations

Organizational Development

People Make the Change

Digital technologies are changing markets and business models, corporate structures and job architectures everywhere. This is impacting on workforces by changing the quantitative and qualitative HR needs. New types of job are appearing. Executives and employees alike need to develop more initiative and responsibility and acquire indispensable digital competences. Developing organizations means applying profound organizational knowhow in the form of dedicated models and methods and involving people actively in the change processes ahead. It also means committing to a clear commercial purpose and being held accountable for it. As organizational consultants, we develop the people and competences of our clients in line with organizational requirements to empower them for implementing their strategies to best effect. Companies can only use their resources as effectively and efficiently as they need with effective structural and procedural organizations and the right management and governance systems these are built.

Digital Readiness Check

Focus People

In the Digital Readiness Check (DRC), Kienbaum works in partnership with the Kienbaum Institute @ ISM to establish the digital maturity of your people and reveal targets for intervention and potential for individual development on the level of their mindset, skillset, and toolset. We analyse your critical competences based on the Kienbaum model of digital competence and show you how you can get your people and your organization fit for the digital transformation.

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