People make companies succeed

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A visit in Shanghai will present you an eye opening experience. Witnessing 23 million people living in this city, fighting to get on the roads, buses, metro, trains, flights, bicycles and motorcycles every day trying to make their ends meet has been the key deciding factor for us to come and experience what the amazing people were experiencing daily here.

What does it mean to us as HR and Management Consultants? Systems, Processes, and People! Rooms for individual development! Needs for organisational changes! Striving for continuous improvement!

Our footprint in China can be traced back as early as 1999, two years
after our Asia’s presence.

With an aim of being closer to our clients, Shanghai office was established in 2002, strengthening the presence of Kienbaum Asia Pacific Networks. We have shown steady development and great confidence in this homogeneous land.

Through the past years’ effort, we have been able to make our presence known in the fields of Executive Search, Operational Excellence, Management Diagnostics, Retention Management, Leadership Development, HR Re-engineering and Process Safety Excellence.

While enjoying the rapid growth, we inevitably are facing countless challenges being brought by the growth – fierce competition, shortage of talents, phenomenal increase in salaries across all levels, functions and sectors, high inflation and cost of operations and many more. Identifying and managing talents as well as transforming organizations through Operational Excellence on this land is absolutely no easy task, needless to say how to manage their expectations and meet their needs.

As the country never stops growing and prospering, meeting the aspirations and challenges of the 21st century, same goes for our team here. We continue to strive for the best in what we are doing despite of being confronted by the challenges! We know with passion – we can!

We work with you, with our commitment to cooperation, a focus on the results, and a sense for long-term sustainability, in order to continue to build relationships on trust and to ensure your success.