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Assessment Suite

We are offering our clients diagnostics solutions for all their needs concerning the evaluation of competences and the identification of potential, for current and future staff on all levels of their organizations. Building on the tried-and-tested diagnostic validity of our existing instruments and services, the Kienbaum Assessment Suite offers comprehensive support for all diagnostics needs in a user-friendly, cloud-based, and securely protected system.

The Assessment Suite is based on an appealing, innovative, and state-of-the-art user experience for participants and observers alike. It makes coordinating, conducting, and documenting assessments much more flexible and resource-efficient than pen-and-paper procedures.

The system also introduces extensive additional capabilities, such as dashboards to present the results for different user groups in real time or integrated report formats in one comprehensive software solution. This is made possible with the aid of on-demand benchmarking options and statistical analyses to check the diagnostic validity of procedures as they happen.

The Kienbaum Assessment Suite brings together the reliability and validity of established aptitude diagnostics procedures with the customization options and ease of use of digital applications. Your existing diagnostic instruments and procedures can also be integrated in a simple and efficient process into the Assessment Suite.

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The Assessment Suite represents the digital solution for aptitude diagnostics. Designed to match your needs and expectations and customized to your corporate design and diagnostic formats, the Assessment Suite is highly flexible and adaptable. Especially for global, distributed diagnostic projects, it offers invaluable advantages in coordinating, executing, and documenting the procedures.